Weekend Wrap Up: When The Cat's Away Edition

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John was at SXSW this weekend, so I loaded up on girl time.  I met Mary Katherine for dinner at PM.  We had awesome mango mojitos & awesome sushi.  Love PM!

P.S. While I was at PM, John was backstage at SXSW mingling with, oh, I don't know, ROONEY MARA!  He also became the default tympani player for the Diamond Rugs show that night on this huge festival stage opening for Counting Crows.  So that basically made his life.


I had a hair appointment on Saturday & then met Claudia to carpool to M'boro for Lauren & Kelly's annual St. Patrick's Day party.  Aside from driving through yet ANOTHER hail storm, we had a great time.  It's always a fun party.  Good food, too!


All of us ladies with men at SXSW got together for brunch.  Katie hosted at her house & made, from scratch, cinnamon rolls, English muffins, poppy seed muffins, & kale egg cups.  And then Alexis made homemade juice.  It was kind of the best brunch ever.  Thanks, Katie!

Last night, I started watching Homeland.  I watched the first two episodes of season one.  Holy moly!  I think this is going to be my new favorite show.

Italian Pork Sandwiches

Happy Birthday, Linder!