Race Recap: Tom King Half Marathon (My First Half Marathon!)


Pre-race face.  Cara, me & Jaime.

Not my official time, as I forgot to hit "Stop" after I finished, but probably close.

My AWESOME signs!

Post-race face.  Cara, me & Jaime.

The best friends in the world:  Melissa, Heidi & Mary Katherine.

Post-race milkshake, or three, at Pharmacy.  Also, this is the only picture John is almost in & I wanted photographic proof that he was there.

More pics & info available on Flickr & Instagram.


I went to LP Field to pick up my race packet & then went to my friend Heidi's house to borrow a short-sleeved shirt for the race.  Two former co-workers of mine have landed awesome new jobs & Friday night was the celebration for one of them.  Then I went home & pre-race carb loaded with some spaghetti carbonara.  Yum!


Race day!  I woke up at 5:30, drank a gallon of coffee, drove over to Jaime's & then headed to the stadium.  Jaime, Cara & I trained together & we ran the race together.  We went into it like it was another training run.  The weather was GORGEOUS.  East Nasty had a big water stop at mile 1 / 12 & that helped so much.  It really does help to run past a group of people you know, who are shouting (on a bullhorn) your name as you run by.  I don't know what mile it was, but before we got on the greenway in Shelby Bottoms, Mary Katherine, Melissa & Heidi were out there with huge, hilarious, awesome signs.  It was amazing.  Thank you so much!

I started running out of gas around mile 10, which I also did on all our training runs.  That's just when I hit my wall.  I had just seen Mary Katherine, Melissa & Heidi, so I was pumped from that & I knew East Nasty was in 2 more miles, so I powered through ("every day I'm shuffling").  From East Nasty at mile 12 to the finish was the hardest part.  That last mile takes FOREVER.  But it's so awesome to finish in the stadium, running on the field with your picture on the jumbotron & your name being announced as you cross the finish line.  I saw John first, then Mary Katherine, Melissa & Heidi.  It was awesome.

Post-race, Mary Katherine & Melissa had arranged a surprise celebratory lunch for me with all of our friends.  We went to Pharmacy & sat outside.  It was kind of the best thing ever.  Thank you, AWESOME friends!  J'dore!

Saturday night we grabbed dinner with our pals, Adam & Sarah.  I have to include this email from Sarah because it's the best email in the world.


to JohnAdamme
PS: if Kim needs to rest tonight after running a million miles, we can order 7 pizzas and eat them in y'all's bed.  OBVIOUSLY.

Sarah, thank you for the nail polish & chocolate!  You're awesome!  OBVIOUSLY.


I had pain in places I didn't expect to have pain.  My knees & various other joints were fine, but I had some minor lower back & shoulder soreness.  Oh, & my feet.  My feet are pretty wiped, which is so weird.  Also, at some point in the 2 & 1/2 hours I was running, my sports bra & my epidermis became one.  Well, until I tried to take it off.  I'll spare you the gory details, but I'm missing a lot of skin.  Dear inventor of neosporin, thank you.

John & I checked out the new McKay.  It's moved from it's Charlotte Pike location two exits west, off of Old Hickory Blvd, which I guess is technically Bellevue...?  I don't know.  The new store is super nice.  I know it's a haul for most of you, but I daresay it's worth it.

LOTS more half marathon pics.  Full photostream here.

Happy Birthday, Linder!

Lynchburg, Tennessee