Weekend Wrap Up: The Hunger Games Edition

Friday night wine.

Lilacs in our yard.

Irises in our yard.

Tim Gunn!  Make it work!

Saturday purchases.

Garlic knots from Five Points Pizza.

Hunger Games!

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I stayed in, had a glass of really good wine, some Sicilian pasta & watched a couple episodes of Homeland.


I went shopping with my friend Jaime who has two adorable daughters & hasn't shopped in easily 5 years.  We started at Nordstom & literally bumped into a personal shopper as soon as we entered the store.  Her name is Betsy & she was awesome.  She put us in a big, fancy dressing room & brought us stuff to try on.  We were primarily shopping for Jaime, but I ended up buying the same blazer Betsy had on & a new Marc Jacobs iPhone skin.  I'm super excited about my blazer.  It's on back order, so they're shipping it to me.  Hopefully I'll get it this week.  Anyway, we shopped for about 5 hours & did really well.  Jaime got all kinds of good, much needed stuff.  Success!

I went straight from the mall to Germantown to meet Claudia for dinner & a movie.  We grabbed a slice & some garlic knots at Five Points Pizza then headed to Opry Mills for The Hunger Games.  Claudia, smartly, bought our tickets weeks ago.  I didn't know this, but when you see an IMAX movie, you can buy your tickets way in advance & reserve your seat, so we had the best seats in the house.  Granted, the tickets were $18, but you get to pick out your seat & you don't have to arrive 100 hours early to get a seat & then sit through 30-45 minutes of commercials & previews.  IMAX, you just may complete me.

Okay, so The Hunger Games.  OMG y'all, it was so good!  I read the books back when they first came out, so I didn't 100% remember everything about the story.  From what I recall about the books, the movie is pretty dead-on.  Nothing major jumped out at me as being different.  Jennifer Lawrence is amazing.  She does such a good job as Katniss.  I loved it.  I'd recommend seeing it regardless of whether or not you've read the books.  And I'd totally see it in IMAX if you can swing it.


Normal Sunday stuff, plus more episodes of Homeland.  This show is blowing my mind!

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