Weekend Wrap Up: How Soon Is Now Edition

My new fav color:  Essie Clambake.  The perfect orange-red.

Storm day.

Hail car.

Hail hair.

Oh, hail to the no.

The Fake Smiths.

John as Fake Johnny Marr.

Jeff as Fake Morrissey.

Post-run birthday brunch with Jaime.

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Friday was nuts from sun up to sun down.  I got up at 5am, drove to the gym to swim, got IN THE POOL, then the lifeguard blew the whistle & closed the pool because of lightning.  So I drove back home, marking the first of two times that day that I would drive into the mouth of madness.  The second time was around 4pm, when the storms that devastated surrounding states blew through Nashville.  I was on Music Row getting lady-scaped, when the tornado sirens went off.  We turned on the radio & learned that the worst of the storm was about to hit the part of town I live in.  So instead of staying where I was & riding it out, I decided to drive home.  I didn't make it.  I drove right into the worst of it. I made it off the interstate, but couldn't get anywhere to pull over.  It was hailing & my car was rocking back & forth from the wind.  I think it's the most scared I've been in my adult life.

I finally got to a Walgreens.  The door was already locked, so I had to pound on the door, meanwhile I'm barely able to stand, the wind is so strong, not to mention the hail, the INSANE hail.  A Metro Cop lets me in & runs me to the back of the store where everyone is crouched in the storeroom.  It was nuts! People were crying, babies were screaming.  A part of the roof blew up or off & some hail got in.  It was pandemonium.  I felt so stupid, but I just stood in that Walgreens storeroom, surrounded by strangers, crying.  And then it was over & I drove home.  And took pictures of my hail hair.  DUMB!

Rejuvenated from having having survived the day, I went to Mercy Lounge to watch The Fake Smiths, a Smiths tribute band that my husband played with.  The show was awesome!  I took a million videos & posted them on YouTube.  Good times.


John has been really busy lately with work & Fake Smiths practice, so we spent Saturday catching up on a bunch of house-related errands.

Saturday night, we met Katie & Rollum for dinner in Cool Springs, then trekked over to the mall, for what reason, I don't know.  I guess we thought we were teenagers again?


Yesterday was Jaime's birthday, so we ran a "short" 5 miles, then treated ourselves to brunch at Le Peep, where we feasted on stuffed french toast, Belgian waffles, & bacon.  Yum!

I finally got to meet Baby Ben yesterday.  My friend Jessica had her baby two weeks ago & he is so cute!  Congrats, Wilsons!

And now without further ado, "How Soon Is Now" performed by The Fake Smiths.  It's 7 minutes of shirtless awesomeness.  Enjoy!

Lynchburg, Tennessee

RIP, TiVo. RIP...