Lynchburg, Tennessee

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I drive a lot in my new job & I keep discovering places in Tennessee that I've never seen before & that I kind of want to live in...   A couple of weeks ago, I was really into Lewisburg.  I'll have to do another post on Lewisburg later as it was raining the day I was there & I couldn't snap any pics.  But trust, it's awesome.

Well, snooze you lose, Lewisburg.  I'm into Lynchburg now.  Ya'll.  Have you been to Lynchburg?  Sober?  It's sooo nice!  I had no idea!  Also?  Little Richard lives there.  Seriously!

I started in Winchester & drove south on Hwy 50 to Lynchburg.  Highway 50 is where it's at.  Literally, it's where Little Richard's house is.  You can't see it from the road, but I obtained top secret intel on where it is, so I'm totally going to find it next time.

The homes & farms on Hwy 50 are GORGEOUS.  It's one of the prettiest drives I've taken.  I want to live in one of those houses.  Then you get into Lynchburg proper & it's so nice.  The square is clean & current & uber populated with tourists.  It's kind of nuts for a small town 75 miles south of Nashville.  If I know two things, it's that women be shopping & people love Jack Daniels.

I'm not into whiskey & I've never been to the Jack Daniels Distillery, but I drove past it while I was there & now I kind of want to take the tour.  The distillery is honestly a little terrifying.  It's HUGE.  And there are all these haunted looking buildings back in the hills where the barrels live.  It's the oldest registered distillery in the U.S. & averages over 250,000 visitors a year.  All Jack Daniels Whiskey is produced here.

Not that fascinated with whiskey?  Lynchburg hosts all kinds of events year-round.  The Oak Barrel Half Marathon is there in April.  They host the Tennessee Walking Horse Show in July.  And there's a Jack Daniels World Championship Barbecue in October that I've already been told not to miss.  Noted.

Lynchburg has a big motorcycle population.  Apparently it's a convenient stopping place for a lot of long rides in Tennessee.  There's a Harley Davidson on the square, so I think there's a big Harley presence, but I hear it's just a popular place for riders to stop & hang-out in general.  Take note, riders.

Lynchburg is beautiful.  I can't believe I had never been there.  If in 20-30 years, I go off the grid & you can't find me, don't worry, I'll be in my country home in Lynchburg, assuredly running a Little Richard ghost tour.  Believe it.

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