Weekend Wrap Up: Sans Photos Edition

Whoops!  I totally forgot to take pictures this weekend.  Try to make it through the week without knowing what color I painted my nails, how far I ran & what I ate immediately after.


I met some friends at Chago's after work, ate too much cheese dip (in all fairness, they serve it in a TROUGH) & then came home, where I probably ate a Klondike Bar & fell asleep on the couch.  Baller, I know.


I woke up Saturday morning to a torrential downpour, which wouldn't have mattered so much if I hadn't been registered to run a 5K.  After a lot of back & forth, Claudia & I decided to go ahead & run it & if it started raining too hard, we'd just run to our cars & drive to brunch.  It did rain on us the entire race, but the course went nowhere near where we parked, so we finished.

Saturday night, John & I introduced our friend Aaron to Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Cuisine.  Aaron loved it, we ordered half the menu, ate ourselves sick, but then....  We get home & receive a text from Aaron saying that he's about to drive himself to the hospital because he's having a severe allergic reaction.  Aaron is allergic to tree nuts, which were apparently in EVERYTHING we ate.  Sorry...


I got up early on Sunday & met Jaime at Percy Warner.  We're ahead of our training schedule & Cara was sick, so we decided to just do the 5.8 trail run.  This is only the second time I've run this course & I somehow forgot that's it ALL UPHILL.  Oy.

So apparently there was a game on last night?  I don't know, I just saw something on Facebook.  John & I are assuredly the least non-sports people you know.  We stayed home & ate steak, which is what happens when I let John go to the grocery store....  I did manage to tune in for the halftime show though.  Team Madge!

Song Of The Week: Gotye, "Somebody That I Used To Know"

A Day In Photos: Springfield, Tennessee