A Day In Photos: Springfield, Tennessee

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Earlier this week, I spent a day in Springfield, Tennessee, which is about 40 minutes north of Nashville.  I had some time between meetings, so I walked around & snapped some pics of the town square.  This was my first time in Springfield & I was pretty impressed with their square.  Most southern small towns still have big courthouses & town squares, but few utilize them in the way Springfield seems to.  There were few to none empty store fronts.  Pretty much all of them were occupied, mostly with law offices as they surround the Robertson County Courthouse.  Speaking of, I was lucky enough to get a tour.  The courthouse was built in 1879 & is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Although it's needed renovations, the 133 year old courthouse is still in use.  And let me just say, it's beautiful!  The actual court room has all the original fixtures, moldings, pews, etc.  It's huge & it's gorgeous.

Non-Nashvillians may not know that Nashville was founded by James Robertson.  Robertson is a pretty big name in Middle Tennessee.  In 1796, the state's first general assembly met in Knoxville to organize a new state government & the name Tennessee was officially adopted.  An act passed by that assembly provided for the division of Tennessee County into 2 counties.  The eastern half was named Robertson in honor of James Robertson.  The act also provided for the commissioners to purchase the 50 acres of land for Robertson County's seat of government & specified that the town be named Springfield.  Speaking of Springfield....  According to Wikipedia, Springfield may be the long-awaited location of The Simpsons Springfield, after an episode revealed that it was "Tennessee Titans Country"....  I'm just saying.

One other quick claim to fame, Robertson County is also home Adams, Tennessee.  Oh, you know Adams.  It's where the BELL WITCH CAVE is!  Right, Caryn?

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