Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday morning manicure & coffee out of my new favorite mug.  Team Taurus!

Only Gold For Me top coat over Tickle My France.  Possibly my new favorite combo.

The birthday girl inside her new Cinderella tent.

Mini Me.

I'm usually faster than this when I'm not running 6 miles ALL UPHILL.

More pics and info available on Flickr! and Instagram.


Due to a very eventful week (that I will talk about later), we decided to stay in on Friday night & eat some of the groceries that had been rotting away in our fridge all week.  We made thai pork burritos, which were really good!  Thanks, Big Oven!


I spent Saturday in Smyrna celebrating my niece's third birthday.  I got her this little pack & play Cinderella tent that was on sale at Target for $7.  It was a huge hit.  Because it's bottomless, they kept standing up & walking to another room, all while in the tent.  It was hilarious.

That night, John & I met our friends Mike & Chrissi for dinner at Cinco.  Obvi, the first 30 minutes were spent relaying my ridiculous week, but then we lapsed into our usual dinner conversation territory:  cops, ghosts, & UFO's.


If you follow me on the Facebook, then you may have seen that I registered for the Tom King Half Marathon in March.  My friend Jaime & I are doing it together & we're doing our long runs on Sundays.  We've been doing it for awhile, but yesterday was our first 'official' long training run.  Our friend Cara joined us & we ran a 6 mile route from Sylvan Park, to West End/Vandy, then back to Sylvan Park.  Jaime & I ran 6 miles before Christmas, but we ran it at Shelby Bottoms, which is a flat, paved trail.  Yesterday was 6 road miles, partly on broken/uneven sidewalks, partly on the road & ALL UPHILL.  It was hard, ya'll.  But we did it.  And we're running 7 miles next week.  Oy...

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