Weekend Wrap Up: Hamburger Cake Edition

Our friends Buckley & Shannon had us over for dinner on Tuesday & were so sweet to buy John a birthday cake!

This?  Is a ridiculous amount of fur.

Hamburger cake!  I was going to make hamburger cupcakes, but knew I wouldn't have time so my friend Lauren saved the day by telling me that Publix makes a hamburger cake and voila!

Birthday Baldwins.

Hilarious purple ape from John McCauley.

Amanda, me, & Jessica

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John & I got Indian take-out & watched two week's worth of recorded shows.  I know, thrilling.


I got up early & ran 8 miles with Jaime & Cara.  It was cold, it was wet & it was FAR, but I ran the whole 8 miles.  I did it without really any trouble.  My knees were fine.  My feet started to ache a little in the last mile, but overall, the run felt good.  We rewarded ourselves with Star Bagel afterwards, then I spent the rest of the day getting ready for John's birthday party.

John's birthday was last Tuesday, so on Saturday, we invited a group of his friends over for meat snacks, music, & hourly wardrobe changes.  Thanks to everyone for coming.  John had a blast.  In fact, as he was eating a little more hamburger cake before bed, he said that this year's party was the best.  So, thank you!


Since I ran on Saturday, I kind of had the day off on Sunday.  Of course, we treated ourselves to Cracker Barrel for brunch (thanks, Bairs!) & then spent a good majority of the day re-cleaning the house.  Why do I even bother cleaning before parties?  It's such a waste of time!

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