Weekend Wrap Up: All I Did Was Eat Out For 72 Hours Edition

OPI Got The Blues For Red

Look at that paw!

Kimchi fried rice at Korea House.

Stats from 9 mile run.

Post-run carb load at Mitchell Deli.  Benton's bacon!

Shepard's pie.

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We walked next door to Korea House for dinner, then we came back home & watched Larry Crowne.  Meh...


I got up Saturday morning & did a much needed 75 minutes class as Epic Yoga.  I ran around, did some errands, & got a bang trim.  That night, we met our friends Jeff & Ashlee for dinner at Tequila's.  Jeff & John talked about who knows what, while Ashlee & I talked about our new jobs & long distance running.  After dinner, John & I ran to Green Hills Mall because my friend Sarah works at Aveda & had hooked me up with a huge bottle of Shampure.  Score!  Thanks, Sarah!


If you follow me on the Facebook, then you're probably over hearing about my 9-mile run yesterday, but SURPRISE, I'm still talking about it.  So yeah, Jaime & I ran 9 miles yesterday (Cara was sick).  It was the hardest run so far.  Jaime & I both had trouble.  I honestly don't think it was the distance because our bodies/legs felt fine; it was more mental.  I completely ran out of steam at the last 2 miles & had to will myself to finish.  My stomach clenched up & I thought I was going to be sick, but it passed. Who knows.  I have two thoughts:  1) the course was flat & I think I need more elevation/variety in these long runs; & 2) I need to re-fuel while I'm running.  Everyone has things that works for them, e.g. gu, roctane, hard candy, stinger waffles, etc.  I just need to figure out what works for me.

After the run, Jaime & I grabbed breakfast at Mitchell Deli.  That afternoon, John & I met my parents for a belated birthday lunch (both my mom & John have January birthdays).  Apparently after these long runs, I'm supposed to keep moving & not do what feels natural:  lay on the couch all day.  So in an effort to 'keep moving', I hobbled around the house, cleaning & doing laundry, & then I hobbled around Publix.  I do think it helps, it's just hard to do because my brain is SCREAMING, "Just sit down!"

I'm kind of obsessed with Anthony Bourdain's new show, The Layover & had watched the one where he's in London yesterday morning, so, naturally, I wanted shepard's pie for dinner.  And I totally made it.  It was so good!  But it put me into a coma & I feel asleep at like 8:30pm...

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