Weekend Wrap Up: West Side Edition

Friday night manicure:  OPI for Sephora Only Gold For Me top coat over Essie Shifting Power.

Saturday morning ritual:  coffee drinking, Martha Stewart watching, menu planning, shopping list making.

Hilarious children's plush slippers on sale at Old Navy that I really should have bought.

Watch out Panda, there's sharks in them there waters.

My new favorite pizza:  meatball pizza from Coco's Italian Market.  O-M-G!

Community theatre Saturday.

I hardly left the West Side this weekend.  Actually, yeah, I didn't leave it at all.  I also didn't really leave my house that much.  Hello, early onset seasonal affective disorder!  On Saturday, I was supposed to spend the day Christmas shopping with my mom.  My sister has four kids & is basically a hostage in her own house, so my dad thought it would be nice if he offered to babysit all four girls so my sister could go with us.  Normally, I wouldn't mind, but a) I never get to see my mom alone & b) we were shopping for my Christmas presents.  Since 90% of the purchases made on Saturday were for my nieces, my mom is coming back up this Saturday to shop with me.  I don't mind, I could spend all day every day shopping.  Plus, I really want to introduce my mom to Jeni's Ice Cream, which we'll hopefully have time to do.

On Saturday night, we celebrated our friend Amanda's birthday with dinner at Coco's Italian Market & then we saw a play at a community theatre down the street that none of us had ever been to.  It wasn't not fun.  This was my first community theatre experience.  I did feel nice to be there & to be participating, but I didn't know this particular play & we had REALLY bad seats.  I'm not opposed to trying it again...

John had to work yesterday, so I ran 4 miles with Jaime & then we went to Target, where we AGAIN got mistaken for life partners.  There must be some way we interact with each other that reads 'lesbian'.  On one hand, it's hilarious, obvi, & on the other other hand, it's kind of nice to experience kindness from people who think we're a same sex couple raising children together.  Let's just say, I've had worse assumptions made about me.

Lastly, I watched the movie Barney's Version yesterday.  I have no idea how I even heard about this movie or how it came to be in my Netflix queue, but I really liked it.  Definitely recommend it.

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