Weekend Wrap Up: Party Party Party Edition

East Nasty Christmas party.  ENFL!

OPI for Sephora Only Gold For Me top coat over OPI O'Hare & Nails Looks Great!

Baldwin stitches home removal kit.

Post-run bagel love.

Linda, working on her winter tan.

Tis the season....  for coordinating Christmas outfits.

Team Paulson!

Best burger IN THE WORLD.

Chocolate chip-bacon-pecan cookies

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I left work early & did some Christmas shopping.  Back at home, I settled in to watch Christmas Vacation & paint my nails.


Jaime & I ran 6 miles in Shelby Bottoms.  This is my longest run in almost a year.  It felt good!  I ran all 6 miles & no knee pain afterwards.  Score!  That night, John & I donned our coordinated Christmas outfits & headed East to Dave & Alexis' annual Christmas party.  We had fun, maybe too much fun...  Someone drank too much Christmas punch & ended up pulling her dress down to show a recent nursing school grad her mole removal wound site & the one remaining internal stitch that's NEVER GOING TO COME OUT.


Sunday got off to a rough start.  I popped in Love Actually & watched that while I alternately chugged water & coffee.  John finally woke up, so we went foraging for food & I stumbled across what may be my new favorite burger.  It's the regular burger at Sportsman's Grille, but with a fried egg added to it.  OMG, y'all.  O-M-G!

Back at home, John & I made a million batches of chocolate chip-bacon-pecan cookies & watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I wanted him to see the original Swedish version before we go see the American version that comes out this week.

Treat Yo Self!

Preston Leatherman, aka My Christmas Hero