Trick or Treating in Smyrna

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Last night, I drove to Smyrna to go trick or treating with my nieces.  Turns out, only one of the four was up to the task.  The twins are too little, so they stayed in & then at the last minute, Jessica, aka Pirate Toddler, decided to stay in, too.  So Abigail, I'm sorry, Spider Countess, braved the streets sans siblings.

We had a blast.  I forgot how much fun it is to trick or treat, especially in a small town, where the majority of people decorate their yards.  I was in faux graveyard heaven!  It took us about an hour & a half to get through the neighborhood, but when we got back home, Jessica was raring to go, so my brother-in-law took her up & down the street for a few minutes.  She was so excited & proud of herself.  She kept telling us, "I trick or treated!" - haha.  Bless them.

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