'Fancy' Anniversary Wrap Up -- Because I Can!

To celebrate three years of marital bliss, last night we had dinner at Eastland Cafe, chosen primarily for its proximity to Jeni's Ice Creams.  So we're there, about one drink in, & all of a sudden John gets this weird look on his face as someone enters the restaurant (my back is to the door).  I'm assuming someone I know, & clearly would not be happy to see, has walked in.  I ask who it is & John says, "Fancy."  But he says it very emphatically.  I have no idea what this means.  At this point, 'Fancy' has passed us & taken her seat.  I blatantly lean in to stare & figure out who it is, when I realize it's Reba McEntire.  Of course it is, because why wouldn't REBA MCENTIRE be at a random restaurant in East Nashville on a Tuesday night?  Even better, my friend Katie & her husband are also there, also celebrating their three-year anniversary (Team November -what what!) & they are sitting directly beside Reba.

Here is Katie's version of how last night went down:

"As for last night, y'all were hilarious.  Once you realized Reba had walked in, y'all got all quiet... like she could hear you.  And then whispered. And then out came the phone.  Loved it!"

Yes, as soon as Reba sat down & I (sans glasses) realized who she was, I looked over at Katie, who again is sitting directly beside Reba, made some assuredly ridiculous face, then whipped out my iPhone & very obviously started alerting the masses to my celeb sighting.  I'd like to say we would have handled it better had we not been drinking, but you know what?  No, we wouldn't have.

Back at home, whatever romantic inclinations we'd had earlier flew out the window as we immediately sat down at the computer & proceeded to watch every Reba McEntire video we could find on YouTube.  I've attached the best one.  Note the hair & the cameo appearance by David Keith.  I've also attached the video to "Fancy" because, well, you know why.  Enjoy!

Halloween Party Pics!

Anniversary! Three Years!