Weekend Wrap Up: Oktober Edition

Fancy Friday night dinner

Claudia, me & Seanna post 5K



Piano recital program

Adam, reciting

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I got a hair cut after work on Friday, so my bangs are no longer covering my eyes.  John & I decided to spend the weekend working on the laundry room, so we spent Friday night shopping for shelving.  The obvious highlight of our night was dinner at Bojangles.


John stayed home & worked on the laundry room, while I drove to Germantown for Oktoberfest.  I ran the 12th Annual Germantown Spaten Bier 5K Run/Walk with Claudia & Seanna.  Loved the course & loved the free post-race beer at 9am.  I came back later with Linda & met up with Claudia & her dog, Eddie.  We ate & drank some more, while Linda enjoyed constant petting & a lot of scraps.

That night, we hit two parties in East Nashville.  Our friends Cory & Sarah got married & bought a house, so we stopped by there first to congratulate them & see their new house.  Then we went around the corner (literally) to Adam & Sarah's to celebrate Adam's 30th birthday with a piano recital & dinner at La Hacienda.


My grandparents were in town from Oklahoma, so we spent yesterday in Smyrna spending time with them.  Last night, John worked on the laundry room all night, while I tried to sleep so I could get up early & run today.

Friends With Skillz

Beef & Pineapple Red Curry