Weekend Wrap Up: Halloweekend Edition

Front porch decor

Walrus mask transformation

Hilarious mask at Halloween store

John in same mask

Joan Shivers make-up

Linda McCartney, having a hard time recovering from the party

More photos & info on Flickr! & Instagram.  My friend Kat took pictures at our Halloween Party, so I'll post those as soon as they're uploaded (thanks, Kat!). 


I left work early to do party prep, which turned into spending the entire afternoon trying to help John brainstorm a walrus mask, like you do.  It was my friend Kathy's birthday, so she hosted a birthday party / chili cook-off / pumpkin carving contest at her place.  Super fun & super good chili, at least '# 3' was....


Halloween party!  My awesome friend Kat was kind enough to set up her photo gear & take everyone's picture.  Thanks, Kat!  As soon as she gets the photos uploaded, I'll post them.  I was Joan Shivers (Rivers).  John, in his continued quest to have the most obscure costume ever, was 'the walrus' from The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour.  Pics coming soon!


As you can imagine, yesterday was a day of rest & recovery, mostly for Linda.  We did leave our house once to eat recovery lunch burritos at Tequila's.  The entire waitstaff was in costume, including a 'sexy nun'.  I promise, I'm not making that up.  I'm also 80% sure she was pregnant, which, of course she was. 

We spent the rest of the day/night watching Twin Peaks on Netflix (John's never seen it!) & eating leftover party food.  In keeping with the Halloween spirit, I came to work today dressed as a bloated woman in her mid-thirties who ate so much Halloween candy yesterday that the only thing she can get into today is a poncho & jeggings.

Happy Halloween!


Halloween party pics online here.

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