Friends With Skillz

I don't have a lot to write about these days, so I thought I'd point you in the direction of three sisters who are doing it for themselves...

My friend ALEXIS recently started contributing to the Nashville Scene's food blog, Bites.  Alexis is one of the funniest people I know, so I wasn't surprised to find myself laughing out loud reading her posts.  Her posts are witty & informative, but, I swear, the best part is the comment section.  I can't tell if these people don't know she's being sarcastic, or if they're just awful human beings who thrive on leaving anonymous, nasty comments.  Clearly, as evidenced by the recent Saturday Night Live skit, this is not unique to the Nashville Scene.

Another funny lady I know is TRACY MOORE.  Tracy had a baby last year & is now sharing her new, albeit hilarious, motherhood experiences on Jezebel.  I've always admired Tracy's writing, as she used to write locally here in Nashville, but now that she's moved to LA & started writing for Jezebel, I'm dying.  She is so funny!  Read one of my favorite posts by Tracy here.

Last, but not least is my dear friend NICOLE.  Nicole is a triple threat.  She's not only an amazing writer, she's an entrepreneur & a drummer (a drummer!).    Nicole is awesome.  This year, life handed her lemons & she turned it into lemonade, via my new favorite website, East Nashville With Love.  If you live in East Nashville & you're not reading this blog, you're an idiot.  Nicole is also spending her 'free' time doing what she does best, writing music reviews.  I particularly like her recent post on Glossary's new album because A) I like Glossary, & B) it was, ahem, mastered by my husband.

Cheers to you, ladies!  And just in case I failed to drive home the point that you're awesome, hilarious & inspiring, I leave you with this tribute by Annie Lennox & Aretha Franklin.

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