Weekend Wrap Up: Labor Day Edition


I took Friday off to enjoy a much-needed long weekend. Got up early for the Pancake Run, had a job interview at noon, then spent the afternoon shopping. John & I had Indian for dinner, then I watched The Producers, which was HILARIOUS!


Now that my pass at Sanctuary is over, I'm off to find more yoga. This month lululemon is hosting free yoga in their store ever Saturday morning, so I did that with my friends Kathy, Carrie & Jolie, then we went to Bread & Co. for breakfast.

My friend Claudia got married Saturday night. John had an exhibit at the Nashville Folk Festival on vintage recording equipment, so I had to go the wedding by myself, but it was fine. I met Lauren & Kelly there.  The wedding was GORGEOUS.  So happy for Claudia & Bill!


John was back at the Folk Festival, so I made plans to hang out with Jessica & celebrate her birthday a day early. We did a run through Shelby Bottoms with Ashlee, then rewarded ourselves with the WORLD'S BEST BREAKFAST BAGELS at Mitchell Deli.

I spent the rest of the day making poor food choices & not getting off the couch.  I watched Friday Night Lights, the movie, which I had never seen.  It was good, but I definitely prefer Kyle Chandler to Billy Bob Thornton.  Obviously.


We spent Labor Day over at Delaney & Austin's house cooking out & celebrating Ali's birthday. I made jalapeno popper buffalo chicken mac & cheese.  It was the most ridiculous & delicious thing I've ever made.  Recipe coming later this week.

Jalapeno Popper Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Hello, September!