I Like... Ballet Flats & I Cannot Lie!

I have a shoe dilemma.  I need a new pair of ballet flats.  I'm trying to decide between these three pairs.  I saw someone wearing the Cole Haans & fell in love with them because they're equal parts black & gunmetal grey (they're not as shiny in person as they are in the picture).  She said that yes, the Cole Haans are pricey, but they last for years.  I found them at Macy's, for $148, & didn't buy them.  Instead I bought the pair of Luckys for $59.  But I don't love the Luckys.  I've had them for 2-ish weeks & haven't even taken them out of the box.  I think I need the Cole Haans.  But I'm not a person who buys $148 shoes.  Ever.

If I am a person who spends $148 on shoes, maybe I should buy the Fryes.  I have a pair of Frye boots that will probably outlive me.  But Frye doesn't offer a metallic & I've really got my eye on metallic.

If I get a job, I'm buying the Cole Haans.

P.S. Here's a pic of my teeny tiny, baby foot in the Lucky ballet flats.  See?  Underwhelming.

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