Hello, September!

I love fall.  I know it's not fall yet, in fact, it's going to be 98 degrees in Nashville today, but fall is just around the corner & I swear, I can feel it.  It's already cooler in the mornings & evenings.  My two runs this week were not only bearable, but almost pleasant.  Almost.  I am not a summer runner.  I run my best in the fall & winter, so I'm really looking forward to running more often & longer distances as the weather continues to cool off.

Fall also holds two of my favorite holidays, Halloween & Thanksgiving, which should surprise no one who follows me on Pinterest.  John & I have a Halloween party every year.  I'm already brainstorming costume ideas & pinning pics of party food & decor.  I also get super excited about Thanksgiving, assuredly because it's an entire day dedicated to eating.  I've already started bookmarking potential Thanksgiving foods & recipes.

John & I were married in the fall.  This November will be our third wedding anniversary.  Maybe we'll be able to sneak away for a long weekend somewhere between now & then.  We're so overdue for a vacation, it's ridiculous.  Thanks for nothing, WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE.

Last, but not least, I love fall clothes.  I love boots, scarves & cardigans & I cannot wait to break them all out again.  I also love fall food.  I'm talking to you, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte...  I have a pretty serious love affair with my crock pot & it hurts me to go so long without using it.  Soon, girl.  Soon.  I LOVE soups, stews & chilis.  I love chili so hard that I'm actually planning (in my mind) a chili party.  I kind of want to do it now, but with the Halloween party in October, it may be too much, but a chili party in February seems so far away & I've got chili on the brain NOW!  Sigh...

Happy fall, ya'll!

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