Weekend Wrap Up: Tomato Edition

Real exciting night in the Baldwin house. We walked next door to Korea House for dinner (at 6:00pm), I painted my nails & watched the Season Finale of So You Think You Can Dance. Shocking, I know.

I got up early to run the East Nashville Tomato 5K. I ran the course on Wed night with East Nasty & didn't do so hot, but I did a lot better on Saturday. My friend Claudia ran it with me. I always run better when I have someone with me. I finished in 35-ish minutes. Not bad, not awesome. I've run faster. The hilarious part is the overall results: I came in 691st place, HA! Yeah, 691!

Saturday night John & I tried The Wild Hare for a third time & it was much better than last time. They seem to be working out the kinks. I tried the wild hare pizza & John got the burger. We both loved our food. John even threw down the gauntlet & declared it THE BEST BURGER. Whoa.

Yesterday I went back to my Sunday yoga class at Sanctuary & loved it. There were only 3 of us, so we worked on headstands. Yeah!

Last night John & I watched True Grit. Meh. I kind of hated it. I don't know that John liked it either, but he did say that he's glad he saw it.

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