Weekend Wrap Up: Feature Creature Edition


Girls night! Alexis just got back from a week in Japan, so she had us over (per our request) to eat, drink & see all of the AMAZING pictures from her trip.


I have two young cousins who enjoy the plethora of clothes I'm constantly discarding, so I spent the morning cleaning out my closets & getting rid of everything I'm too fat, too skinny & too old to wear. It was a ridiculous amount of stuff. With a trunk full of clothes, I headed to Smyrna to meet my mom, sister, aunt & grandmother to watch The Help. I read the book back when it came out & loved it, but I wasn't sure how the movie would be. I was pleasantly surprised! I loved the movie & got a lot more emotional than I thought I would, probably because I was sandwiched between my aunt & grandmother, who were both crying. Speaking of my grandmother, she's my new movie date from now on. When we got settled into our seats, she reached into her purse & pulled out a huge ziploc bag full of candy bars for all of us. It was awesome!

The Features were playing a record release show for their new *incredibly awesome* album, Wilderness. We went to dinner beforehand with Michael. We brought him into The Wild Hare fold. Oh, Wild Hare, you drive me crazy. The food is always good, but the service continues to kind of suck. Get it together! So, The Features. First of all, that was the most people I've ever seen inside Mercy Lounge. Secondly, one of the original members of The Features started a brewery called Calfkiller Brewing Company & they were at the show selling their new beer, Feature Creature. It was so good! But most importantly, the show was freaking awesome! This band has been one of my favorites since college & it's so nice to see them reach this level of success. Well deserved, guys!


Yesterday was my last yoga class at Sanctuary, well at least as far as my month pass is concerned. There is a rumor that they're going to offer a follow-up pass, but we'll see. In the meantime, I bought a Groupon for 5 yoga classes at Yoga Source, so I may do that for the next 5 weeks & then reassess.

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