Weekend Wrap Up: Beer-Thirty Edition

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I saw a cool manicure recently on The Coveted that I wanted to try, so I got some reinforcement stickers & set to work while watching 3 consecutive hours of So You Think You Can Dance. I don't love the way my nails turned out. I had sticker residue issues, but almost everyone I've seen this weekend has commented on them, so... Maybe?

My friend Jolie & I signed up to run this hilarious Yazoo Barely a 4K Beer Run at 7am on Saturday. Yazoo is a brewing company here in Nashville & this was their inaugural run to kick off this all-day beer fest that happens in Nashville every year. This was the most fun, most ridiculous race I've ever run. No official start/finish line, no roads blocked off, no time - you just go, run, come back & drink free beer. It was awesome & I'm totally doing it again next year. After running the race (in the rain), coming back to Yazoo & chugging my 2 complimentary beers, I realized I was kind of buzzed. At 8:23am. Ha!

John & I decided to try The Wild Hare again. It wasn't as awesome of an experience as it was the first time we ate lunch there, but it was still good. To start, we ordered the beer battered fried mushrooms with roasted jalapeno gouda sauce. Unfortunately, it came out with our food, which kind of defeated the purpose, but we powered through. The roasted jalapeno gouda sauce was really good (how could it not be?), but the mushrooms were too heavy, which should be shocking to no one because they're BEER BATTERED FRIED MUSHROOMS. For an entree, I ordered the lobster pizza, which I've been warned is rich & heavy. I liked the pizza, but it was a little too rich, especially combined with the fried mushrooms. I ended up taking almost the entire pizza home. Also, the restaurant itself was uncomfortably hot & they were playing bad music. It was this horrible Sublime/311/Red Hot Chili Peppers mix that NO ONE wanted to hear. Work it out, Wild Hare, I really want you to succeed.

In a food coma, I somehow managed to watch an entire movie. I watched The Company Men with Ben Affleck. It hit a little close to home, but I liked it. Apparently I love Ben Affleck now & will happily watch any movie he's in. Seriously, good movie though.

It was too hot to do anything but eat ice cream & continue working my through True Blood Season 3, which is exactly what I did. FYI - I consumed neither beer nor fried food yesterday. You're welcome, body.

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