YMCA vs. Yoga

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I started this post about two weeks ago when I was REALLY sick of the YMCA & contemplating giving up my $68/month membership & joining a yoga studio instead. I've since changed my mind, of course. I realized I was bored with my work-outs & simply changing things up a bit & adding in some outside yoga made all the difference.

A brief back story. Before I lost my job in Nov, I went to the Downtown Y most days during lunch & worked-out. When I lost my job, I kept up most of my lunch work-outs, but started swimming because of my knee injury. Then I did that month long boot camp in May. Immediately after, I re-started my old/new job downtown & went back to my lunch time work-outs. And here we are.

For someone who doesn't like change, it's funny that my main complaint with these lunch time classes is that they haven't changed. But they haven't! And I've been going to them for years & I'm bored as shit! Plus, now that I've been through physical therapy, I'm hyper aware of how many muscle groups are getting repeatedly ignored in these classes. Hello, glutes!

I REALLY like yoga, so I talked to my friend Paige, who teaches at 12South Yoga, about quitting the Y & buying a yoga package. I was mostly trying to decide if doing yoga 1-2 times a week would be the same as attending 1-2 (sometimes 3) strength training class a week (my running is my cardio, so I mostly use the Y for strength training).

Here's what I've done. For the past 2 weeks, I've switched to the Green Hills Y & started trying some of their classes. So far, I really like them, although they're mostly after work, which is a challenge for me, but I've been powering through. I've also been doing the free lululemon yoga classes at sanctuary in the gulch every Thurs night. I'm so glad lululemon does this. It's a great way to try out various yoga studios & instructors.

So what am I ultimately going to do? Give up my Y membership & buy a yoga package? Meh, I don't know, probably not. For now, the new Green Hills classes are pulling me back in. Also, yoga packages aren't as expensive as I always assumed they were, so I may still buy a package somewhere. Now I just have to decide where.

To be continued...


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