Weekend Wrap Up: I Ate Too Much... Edition

Grilled cheese @ The Wild Hare

Day drinking @ The Wild Hare

Breakfast of champions @ Mitchell Deli

Coconut dipped cone @ Bobby's Dairy Dip

I stayed in & watched True Blood Season 3, Disc 2. Slowly, but surely, I'm making my way towards Season 4.

We finally went to The Wild Hare! We had lunch there with our fellow West Siders, Mike & Amanda. It was so good! I think it's my new favorite restaurant. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see my food pics (@theblondemule). We shared a tomato stack & then I had the grilled cheese with tomato, Benton's bacon & avocado. OMG! Best sandwich ever! John got the burger & it was awesome. I had a slice of Amanda's wild hare pizza & loved it, too. I don't think you can go wrong with this place. I want to go back & work my way through the entire menu. So good!

We don't typically eat out twice like this in one day, but I hadn't been to the grocery store yet, so we were 'forced' to go out for dinner. We kept it local & headed to Kien Giang, so I could get my vermicelli # 3 fix. I'm obsessed!

I got up early & drove to Shelby Bottoms to run with Jessica. We ran 4 hot miles then treated ourselves to breakfast bagels at Mitchell Deli (best breakfast bagel IN THE WORLD). Because I technically didn't eat lunch, John & I went to Bobby's Dairy Dip. I wish I could quit you, coconut dipped cone.

For dinner, we made kebabs, specifically, this recipe. It was good. We accidentally over-salted it, but it was good, especially the fiery red pepper sauce, of which we have like a gallon left. Maybe I'll pour it over my cereal all week. Kidding!

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