Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night I stayed in & watched You Don't Know Jack. Weird movie. Interesting though.

I met Mary Katherine at Starbucks on Saturday afternoon to celebrate our birthdays. We went over to Serenity & got our nails done. I chose Essie Tangerine, which I really like. That night, we met Katie & Rollum for dinner at Bombay Palace, where I proceeded to eat myself sick. So good though.

On Sunday morning, Ashlee texted me & asked if I wanted to run Belle Meade Blvd with her. So we ran our 5-ish miles, then rewarded ourselves with Starbucks. I wish I could quit you, Mocha Coconut Frappuccino. After that, I went home & got John, then we went to meet my parents for my birthday lunch.

Good, relaxed weekend!

Back In The Saddle Again