Weekend Wrap Up: Wear Your Jesus Shirt To Bojangles' Edition

Friday night John & I had dinner at Kien Giang, which I'm kind of obsessed with as of late. We've eaten there a lot since Delaney & Austin first introduced us to it, but I just figured out what to order & now I can't get enough of it. I get the Vermicelli # 3, which I'm a huge fan of, or you could go another route & order what John's friend Reid, connoisseur of all things spicy, recommends. Review here. Trust.

After dinner, we settled in to watch a heartwarming story of how a young man, trapped in a canyon, had to saw his own arm off with a dull, cheap, pocket multi-tool. I'm talking about 127 Hours, of course. Oh, James Franco, you never disappoint. Although the movie, at times, was like watching an extended Gatorade commercial, it was a good movie. It hit a little close to home for us as John's dad almost met a similar fate two summers ago (post here). John's dad was lost for 2 days, not 5 like in the movie, but he was dehydrated to the point that his kidneys had shut down & he said he had all kinds of crazy hallucinations. He was also found by hikers & rescued by *helicopter, so John & I both got a little choked up at the end of the movie. Good flick though, definitely recommend it.

*P.S. If you ever get lost in a National Park & need to be rescued by helicopter, you'll get a bill for oh, around $20,000. Seriously. Don't get lost.

On Saturday, I drove to Murfreesboro to visit Lauren & baby Ella at home, then I headed to Smyrna to take Abigail, my 5 year old niece, to the Smyrna library. Abigail loves books, so I expected to follow her around for awhile while she picked out some books, then we'd leave & go to McDonald's. Oh, no. They have kid computers set up in the Kids' Area, which is where she remained for the entire time we were there. The games are educational, so it's not like she sat down & surfed the web for an hour (again, she's 5), but it was hilarious that in a library, all she wanted to do was play on the computer. Kids!

That night, John & I went to dinner at an old favorite, Anatolia on White Bridge Road. We used to eat there ALL THE TIME, but haven't been in years. I was honestly kind of scared that it was going to be closed, but it was open & busy as shit! We had a great meal & made a mental note to put it back in the rotation.

John woke up (at noon) with a hankering for spicy, fried chicken (& red beans & rice, because why don't fried chicken & red beans & rice go together?), so I took one for the team & agreed to eat lunch at Bojangles', aka John's favorite restaurant. I took a picture of our plates because they were so ridiculous, but then this couple walked in wearing matching, Jesus-crown-of-thorns, air-brushed t-shirts AND matching blue scrubs AND matching Bluetooth ear pieces. Clearly, this PICTURE OF THE YEAR was going up on the blog. Don't worry, you can still see the picture of our ridiculous lunch on Flickr.

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