New Clothes!

I finally spent all of my birthday gift cards & cash. It took 3 trips to Green Hills Mall, 1 trip to Old Navy & 2 trips to Target.

In order from left to right, starting at the bottom:

Charcoal tank: Old Navy
Brown braided skinny belt: New York & Company (clearance)
Grey skirt: Old Navy (clearance)
Pink (?) dress: Target
Striped tank: J Crew

Gray tee: Old Navy
Gray ruffle tank: Old Navy (clearance)
White tank: Old Navy
Navy short-sleeved cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft

Black scoop-neck tee: New York & Company
Grey long-sleeved tee: Old Navy (clearance)
Chartreuse (?) v-neck tee: New York & Company

Olive 3/4-length-sleeve button down: J Crew
Sandals: Target

My favorites so far are the sandals (thanks, Tiff!), the Target dress & the 2 tops from J Crew. I needed to replenish my summer basics, thus the abundance of tees & tanks. The one thing I was looking for that I didn't find was a basic summer skirt. I had a good black one from Old Navy last summer that I wore 24/7, but it's too big now & I haven't found a replacement yet. I also want/need a good denim skirt, but all the ones I found were too short. Alas, the search continues.

Thank you to all of my friends & family who contributed to this much needed shopping spree. You guys are awesome!


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