Mystery Geese

{The two geese are in the raised box under the tree. You can't really see them because they're lying down, but when they're standing up, they're really tall. Also, they appear to be mute, which is disconcerting, but appreciated nonetheless.}

John & I have the luxury (?) of only having one neighbor because the other side of our house is next door to a dilapidated Korean strip mall & then there are apartments across the street. Our next door neighbors have lived there for a good 10-20 years & are really nice. They don't really speak English, but they smile & wave every time they see us & they like Linda because she doesn't bark (the previous owners had two rat terriers).

Anyway, they're older & spend 90% of their time outside working in their yard. They're BIG gardeners. They're also into random woodworking projects, mostly related to their gardening, but a few weeks ago I noticed that the husband was building this big, raised box in the back yard. I pointed it out to John & said it looked like he was building a chicken coop. John thought he had seen him wiring it for electricity, so he didn't think that's what it was. We spent a couple of days trying to figure out what it was. I thought it must be a greenhouse that he had wired for some kind of special lighting.

Well, the mystery is over. It's a goose house, presumably without electricity. Because who doesn't have two huge geese in a box in their back yard? I made this discovery over the weekend while John was out of town. Here's the rapid-fire series of texts I sent upon my discovery:

7:24pm - Me: That weird box our neighbor built IS a chicken coop! I knew it! There's effing chickens in there! Wait, they may be turkeys. Shit!

7:25pm - Me: Ducks! They're ducks! Two of them. Weird!

7:26pm - Me: What the duck?! HAHAHAHA!

Then, the next day:

3:20pm - Me: Okay, nevermind. My dad thinks they're geese. Why would they have two geese in their back yard? This is so weird!

In the five days since my goose discovery, I still can't figure out what they're doing with them. They don't appear to be collecting eggs or feathers, which was my dad's guess. Every morning, the woman comes out, raises the front of the box & throws a bunch of stuff from a bucket in there. It's very bizarre, and I'm sure she's sick of having me & Linda staring at her every morning as she feeds her apparent two pet geese. I can only guess that at some point, they're going to eat these geese. God, I hope they don't kill/butcher them in their back yard. Ugh!

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