Job Interview Horror Stories: A Redaction

I've spent the past two days regretting my last Job Interview Horror Stories post. I have a lot of friends bending over backwards to help me find a job & I'm afraid I came across as ungrateful in that post, not to mention super angry. I am so, so thankful every time someone tells me about a job, or asks for my resume in order to put me up for a job. All of the interviews I've had are a direct result of this. I have yet to apply to a job on my own & get any kind of response. Please know that my frustration is not directed at you.

Also, not all of my interviews have been bad. I've had two that went really well, & even though I ultimately didn't get the job, I was told I didn't get the job in the nicest way possible. One of them sent me an email saying, "You did great during the interview & were absolutely in the running for the position. In fact, though I know no one wants to hear that "they almost" got the job, you really did. I don't usually feel bad not hiring someone - but this is one time I wish I had more than one position to fill."

The other person also sent me an email, but followed it up with a handwritten note, mailed to my house. This is what's appropriate when you either know the person, or they were recommended to you by someone you know. It's unfortunate that so many people don't know this, but it really makes the ones that do, stand out.

All of this being said, please, please, please keep telling me about jobs! I am appreciative of every lead that gets forwarded my way.

Thank you!

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