Weekend Wrap Up: You Are Awesome Edition

When I got home from boot camp the other morning, this (above) had been spray-painted on the building next door. Ahh, the perks of living next door to a dilapidated Korean strip mall.... You can also see my picture on Nashvillest here.

Friday night I had a girl date with my friend Megan. We ate sushi at Ginza in Green Hills, then saw Something Borrowed. I thought the movie was really cute. Not surprisingly, there's a lot of stuff that's different from the book, but all the major stuff is the same. If you liked the book, you'll like the movie.

My friend Lauren is expecting & there was a baby shower for her in Murfreesboro on Saturday. My friend Holly & I rode out there together. I only took a few pics, but you can see them here. The shower hostesses did something so smart - they unwrapped all of the gifts while we were eating & then we just went upstairs & saw everything unwrapped & on display. Genius!

Saturday night, John & I met Dave & Alexis for dinner & a movie. We tried out the new Noodles & Co. in Green Hills (it's where Baja Fresh used to be) & then saw Bridesmaids. First, dinner: Noodles & Co. was good. I'd definitely eat there again, although maybe for lunch instead of dinner. Also, the small noodle bowl is really small, opt for the regular. Okay, Bridesmaids: Bridesmaids is HILARIOUS! We all loved it! Highly, highly recommend it. Also, I covet Kristen Wiig's hair.

I got up early & drove to Centennial Park to watch MK compete in her first triathlon, Ramblin' Rose. I missed the swimming part, but I got there in time to see her transition from her bike to the run & to blaze through the finish line. Congrats, MK!

Sunday night, while John cut the grass, I made shepherd's pie (recipe here) & a cherry-almond crisp from the June 2011 issue of Cooking Light. After dinner, we watched The King's Speech, which I had seen before, but John hadn't. He loved it & I enjoyed watching it again. Love Colin Firth!

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