Weekend Wrap Up: We're Still Frying Stuff Edition

MK & I watched 6 hours of Royal Wedding coverage. And that's not counting the additional hours I spent watching 20/20, Oprah, etc. on my own time....

The Country Music Marathon & Half Marathon was on Saturday. Me, MK & Jessica worked the Lululemon water stop at the Farmer's Market, which was Mile 11. It was a blast! I stood in the median holding a sign that said, "Your perspiration is my inspiration." I initially thought the sign was lame, but it turned out to be a huge hit with the runners. I can't even tell you how many people stopped & took pictures of that sign. It was also a lot of fun to actually see all of my friends run past me. I didn't think I'd be able to pick them out of the crowd so easily. Of course, the East Nasty shirts helped. ENFL!

Having gotten up before 5am for 2 straight days, plus being sunburned, plus having lost my voice cheering on runners for 3+ hours, John & I decided to take it easy on Saturday night. We grilled out steaks & made beer battered onion rings in our new best friend, the fry daddy. Ya'll, we can't be stopped. I fear a fry daddy intervention is in our immediate future....

I finally watched Easy A (via Netflix Instant Streaming). I really liked it!

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