Weekend Wrap Up: Cicada Invasion Edition

Pretty low-key Friday night. After finishing my Mother's Day & graduation gift shopping, I ate dinner at home, painted my nails in Essie's Mint Candy Apple & accidentally got sucked into a two-hour Dateline....

I woke up early on Saturday & ran the Bellevue Hell or High Water Flood Run 5K with my friends Claudia & Seanna. Post race, Claudia treated me to a smoothie. Thanks, Claudia!

Back at home, I got going on the aforementioned browned butter cupcakes. My friend Jessica graduated from TSU, so I was making the cupcakes for her & her family, who treated me to dinner in honor of her May graduation & my December graduation. Congrats, Jessica! We're done!

Yesterday, John & I drove to Smyrna to spend Mother's Day with my family. The cicada invasion has hit Smyrna. We still don't have any at our house, but apparently we're the only ones. In the video below, our friends Jeff & Ashlee, who are pretty much obsessed with this cicada phenomenon, fry & eat cicadas. If you know Ashlee (Caryn), you'll want to watch this video.

Full cicada invasion photostream here.

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