Weekend Wrap Up: Birthday Carpe Rapture Edition

My birthday was Friday, so this weekend was jam-packed with friends, food & bad (Read: AWESOME) rapture jokes. Mary Katherine's birthday is the day before mine, so our Friday morning Pancake Run started off the birthday festivities. Mary Katherine got me a tiara & sash to wear during the breakfast & our server brought me a serving of birthday pancakes. Love my Pancake Girls!

Continuing my birthday food parade, my friend Chrissi treated me to lunch & gave me an awesome pair of earrings, to boot! Then that night, my girl gang treated me to dinner at Woodlands Indian. My friend Katie has been sewing up a storm lately, so I was super excited to receive a handmade tote bag from her. Katie is also a master baker & blew us all away with my birthday s'mores cake. OMG, it was sooooo good! At the end of the night, they surprised me with a gift card to Green Hills Mall, which was so generous & unexpected. I may or may not have cried into my naan...

Saturday was just going to be a low-key dinner with friends at a local Mexican restaurant, but fueled by the excitement of not being raptured, it quickly turned into a 6-hour tour de Nashville, including drinks at No. 308 & karaoke at Fran's Eastside. At some point after drinking a 32 ounce mason jar full of god knows what at No. 308, I started shouting, "Carpe Rapture!" at everyone & everything, taxidermy lynx included (& exhaustively photographed).

Clearly, there was only one thing to do with me at this point: take me to a karaoke bar, albeit one where the patrons buck the law by A) still smoking inside & B) running a very successful (so I hear) meth ring in the parking lot. Also, the bartender, who I lovingly refer to as 'Fran' signals last call by commandeering the mic & belting out a stirring rendition of "Short Dick Man". And let me tell you, nothing makes you close your tab & exit an establishment faster than a 4 foot, toothless, possibly inbred, "woman" sitting open legged (in a skirt) singing about what it takes to satisfy her sexually.

Thanks to everyone who made this birthday the BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND EVER. I love you all! And to those of you who I'm not celebrating with until this coming weekend, prepare yourselves, ha ha ha.

Full birthday/carpe rapture photostream here.

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