Weekend Wrap Up: When Jesus Meets Your Family Easter Edition

My friend Megan treated me to lunch at Whiskey Kitchen. This was my first time there & I liked it, although I'm sure lunch is a totally different scene than dinner. I had the fried green tomato BLT & it was really good. Thanks, Megan!

Because Libby had to miss the first meeting of Breakfast Club, she had us over for a re-do on Friday night. More awesome waffles & toppings, more trivial pursuit, more fun. Yay!

My friend Claudia won a free month of boot camp for herself & a friend & she gave her free friend pass to me! We had to meet the owner/instructor on Saturday & get weighed, measured, etc. The boot camp starts this week. We go 3 times a week for the next 4 weeks. I'm equal parts thrilled & terrified.

John had to work late on Saturday night, so I met Ali for dinner at Woodlands, my new favorite place to eat Indian. After an exceptionally taxing week, I really needed this. Thanks, Ali!

Yesterday John & I spent Easter with my family. I made this jalapeno popper dip, which was a big success (& I'm still eating). I spent the majority of my day with Abigail, my 5 year old niece, aka Mini Me. True to her Aunt's aesthetic, in lieu of pink, she opted for a black & white Easter dress, accessorized with black wedges & black finger nail polish. I promise this was cuter than it sounds. She is SO my child. She also imparted her 5 year old wisdom onto me regarding the true meaning of Easter: "Easter is when Jesus comes to Earth to meet your family." Indeed.

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