Weekend Wrap Up: Texas Forever Edition

Friday night I watched Disc 1 of Friday Night Lights: Season 5. I'm going to be so sad when I get to the third disc & there are no more seasons/episodes to watch. Maybe I'll start watching them again from the beginning.... And make John watch them with me this time. Texas forever!

Saturday night we met Mike & Chrissi for dinner at Tequila's. They're loyal Cinco fans, but since Cinco switched from Coke to Pepsi, John pretty much refuses to eat there. After dinner, John & I watched David Cross: Bigger & Blackerer via Netflix Instant Streaming. It's from 2009, but we had never seen it. It's pretty hilarious. I definitely recommend it.

Yesterday East Nasty ran the Bongo to Bongo run, which is a good 5-6 miles more than I can run, so I drove over to Belmont Blvd & ran by myself, then I met Jessica for brunch at Mitchell Deli. It's just not a Sunday morning run unless it's followed by a 2,000 calorie breakfast bagel.

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