Weekend Wrap Up: T-Rex Edition

John & I both had a craving for sushi, so we went to Sonobana & then came home & watched The Fighter. Loved that movie! Amy Adams, OMG! So good! Also, maybe I don't hate Christian Bale as much as I thought I did...

Jolie & I ran the Richland Creek 5 Mile Run, which was AWESOME. Brittany taped my knee for the race & I ran all 5 miles 100% pain free & there were some serious hills, so I'm pretty happy that my knee held up. And my time wasn't bad either. I ran the whole 5 miles in 53 minutes, so a 10:38 minute mile. Not my best time, but not bad.

That night, John & I grilled out steaks, played scrabble & watched SNL. John beat me at scrabble, but only because he kept vetoing my awesome, five-star words. I'll go to the grave claiming that he should have allowed "TRex"...

I opted to skip the East Nasty run yesterday out of abundant caution for my knee, which resulted in a day where I did nothing but make poor food choices counter-balanced by absolutely zero physical activity. Winning!

Last night, John made a chicken curry recipe from Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything. It was really good, even though it took about 4 hours to make.... It's definitely the most ambitious recipe we've ever attempted. Recipe & photos forthcoming.

Chicken with Indian Spices & Yogurt