Weekend Wrap Up

Friday: I got a much needed haircut on Friday, a la Brooklyn Decker. Jordan did an awesome job! I've been having issues with my face since I switched cleansers about a month ago, so I went into Kiehl's, returned the new cleanser & went back to what I've always used (& shouldn't have strayed from). John & I had dinner at Woodlands & then I watched Winter's Bone. I didn't love it, especially since we just watched the nonfiction version: The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Meh.

Saturday: On Saturday afternoon, I cashed in my free highlight with Gio, courtesy of Mary Katherine. I asked Gio about my sudden abundance of grey hair & he said it's just stress & that once he colors over it (& I chill the eff out), it probably won't come back. Yeah right.

Our mens were in the studio all weekend, so I drove to East Nashville to meet Ali & Sarah for dinner. Somehow we got on the topic of this horrible Christian 'rock' band, Skillet. Hilariously, I'm in one of their music videos from the late 90's. After dinner, we went back to Ali's house to find the video on YouTube. I love how you can literally find anything on YouTube. Video here. Bonus points for anyone (besides my mom) who finds me in the video. Advance apologies for the fact that you'll have to listen to the song in order to watch the video.

Sunday: Yesterday, for the first time in weeks, I ran with the East Nasty Half Marathon training group. They're running the actual CMM course now, so I met them at Centennial Park at 8am. Brittany, my PT, told me to run 5-6, so I stopped at Wedgewood & ran back to the park instead of continuing on through Belmont. I don't know for sure how far I ran, but it was definitely the longest, hardest run I've ever ran. OMG, Demonbreun, you are a motherf*cker.

We started at Centennial Park, ran all the way down West End/Broadway to 4th Ave. Then turned onto Demonbreun & ran to the Roundabout & down 17th Ave to Wedgewood. This is where I turned, ran to West End & back to the park. I think it was at least 6 miles, if not a little more.

My knee felt fine until the very end. The last few blocks of West End were rough, but I didn't have far to go at that point, so I kept running. My friend Heidi ran with me & timed us. It took us 1:12 & that's counting stopping for water once. Oh, & I ran the whole thing. I never walked. It was hard as shit, but I'm pretty proud of myself for doing it. I have PT this afternoon, so I'm interested to find out how my knee's holding up. It honestly feels fine today. We'll see....

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