Weekend Wrap Up

I woke up early on Saturday & decided to go swimming. I'm getting better, but I still kind of suck. Post swim, I met MK at Marche for brunch where I made a fool of myself by crying at the table when she gave me a Trim gift card to get my hair done. I don't wish unemployment on any of you, but if you to have to go through it, I hope you have friends like mine. J'adore!

Saturday night Ali & Alexis took me to Tequila's for some much needed margarita therapy. I hardly drink anymore & I've never been able to hold my tequila, so there was some kneeling before the porcelain throne later that night, but I needed it. Plus, it totally negated all the cheese dip I ate, right?

I lost a hubcap this weekend (because driving through I-40 W / White Bridge Rd is like driving through a war zone), so John asked if we could go to some junk yard he's always wanted to go to to look for a hubcap. I was too hungover to protest & who I am to deny a man a trip to the junk yard, albeit one he's allegedly been wanting to go to "forever"? So this junk yard is called Pull-A-Part. Once we get there, I immediately recognize their sign because they have billboards everywhere with this girl who looks just like *Chandra Levy.

*I have a weird obsession with Chandra Levy. Don't ask.

You pay $1 per person to get in & then you walk around this enormous lot of cars on blocks. Most of the people there had wheelbarrows & tool kits & were taking apart engines & shit. It was crazy. I took a couple pictures, but not many as cameras were forbidden & there was no way I was getting in trouble at a place like this. Anyway, we didn't find a hubcap, but I did realize there are a lot of cars that don't hold up well in crashes. I'm just saying....

John's dad blew through town yesterday, so we went to dinner (at 4:30pm) with him & then came back home & stared at each other until we went to bed. He & John got up this morning & went to Waffle House, while I did my butt exercises & got ready for work. Good times...


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