Weekend Wrap Up (& by 'Weekend' I Mean Thurs-Mon)

We had our neighborhood amigos Mike & Amanda over for dinner. John grilled pork chops & then we had corn & boursin creamed spinach. Amanda made peach cobbler for dessert -- so good!

A few weeks ago, my girl gang saw a blog post on starting a Cookbook Club & we decided to try it. We decided on Bittman's How to Cook Everything & set about planning. We kept going back & forth, trying to decide on a theme & who's bringing what, etc. One by one, we all kind of lost steam, then someone, brilliantly, said, "What if we just make waffles with a bunch of different toppings?" Done! So we turned Cookbook Club into Breakfast Club & never looked back.

I started my weekend with some much needed ladyscaping at the Wax Pot Studio with Lynette. Ladies, you're all going to Lynette, right? If not, you should be. That night, John & I drove to M'boro for Lauren & Kelly's annual St. Patrick's Day party. Good food, green beer = good times!

Brittany, my physical therapist, wanted me to try a longer run this weekend, so Jolie met me in Belle Meade & we ran the Boulevard. No knee pain during the run, but a tiny bit of swelling & soreness afterwards, but nothing like it used to be.

Post-run, I drove West to pick up Tiffany. We hung out on my deck for awhile enjoying the weather, then met Jessica at City House for dinner. OMG, so good! I love you, City House! With a $50 gift card burning a hole in my pocket, we headed to The Patterson House & enjoyed yet more cocktails & girl talk. We were able to sit outside, which was so nice & relaxing. Great night!

Today, Tiffany & I got up & shopped a little bit, then we picked up Lauren & went to lunch at The Farmer's Market. We took Lauren back to work & headed to 12th South to see Jessica at Imogene + Willie. We walked around a little, ate popsicles, shopped some more.... Then, sadly, I had to take Tiffany to the airport. *tear*

Awesome weekend; awesome friends!

More weekend pics on Flickr.

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