35 Is The New 13

So here's something I've learned recently: 35 is the new 13, at least in regards to skincare. Technically, I don't turn 35 for 8 weeks, but who's counting? As most of you know, I've had a rough go of it these past 4 months, but in the last few weeks especially. Why? Because my face has turned against me. Oh, & my hairline, but that's fixed now thanks to some strategically placed highlights (thanks, Gio!).

I've been washing my face with Kiehls Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser for over 10 years. But this winter, my skin got especially dry because of all the outdoor running, so I went into Kiehls & they recommended I switch to Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser. Done. I immediately didn't like the new cleanser. It had a lot more bullshit in the ingredients; it had a smell (sensitive skin); & it seemed really drying. But I persevered & kept using it. In hindsight, I have no idea why.

I've never had issues with break-outs. I have super dry skin & I just don't break out. Ever. I'm not bragging, I'm just laying the ground work here. So for the past month or so, I've been getting some serious zit action. Mostly on my chin & jaw (wtf?). For whatever reason, it didn't occur to me that it might be my new facial cleanser. Also, chin zits are apparently 'stress zits' which clearly makes sense in my case. Thanks, biology.

I polled all my friends about what cleanser they use & did some pretty serious market research on MakeUp Alley & decided to return the new cleanser to Kiehls. They happily accepted my return & gave me a new bottle of my old cleanser. In the week-ish that I've been back on the old cleanser, my face has gone completely back to normal. For now....

There's really no point to this post aside from warning my more youthful readers that 35 is starting to feel REALLY old & that if I don't find a job soon, I'm going to turn into a witch. And not the cool Helena Bonham Carter kind either. I've got the grey hair, the chin zits, & you all know how much black I already wear. I'm just a pointy hat & a gingerbread house away from full-on transformation. Not good....


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