Weekend Wrap Up

Per MK & MHG's recommendation, I finally watched Good Hair. It's the documentary by Chris Rock about, well, good hair. It kind of blew my mind. Barbershop (1 & 2), this is not. While Good Hair is funny, it's not a comedy per se, it's a fairly extensive look at the complex world of African American women's hair & the industry that surrounds it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We introduced our friends Jessica & Brian to Korea House. Jessica is trying to expand her ethnic palate & suggested it. It wasn't a home run, but she made a valiant effort, ha ha.

I was only able to run 1 mile with East Nasty yesterday, so something is clearly still wrong with my knee. I'm going to the doctor today. I'll report back. Post-run, Jessica & I went to Mitchell Deli to console our injured selves with breakfast bagels.

Last night John made a new recipe from Cooking Light, Dan Dan Noodles. It was so good!!! I'll post the recipe tomorrow. MK & I have an awards show/texting tradition that we carried on last night. Basically, we watch from our respective homes & text back & forth all night. Here's an excerpt:

Kim: "Oh, no! That white suit is bad." (in reference to Javier Bardem)
MK: "Yeah. Some things should stay in 1929."

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