Weekend Wrap Up

With Alexis' help, I've been trying to figure out how to watch TV online. I think I've figured it out..... Anyway, I had planned on watching Season 5 of Friday Night Lights, but I could only find the first 2 episodes, so I watched those & then got started on Season 5 of Dexter.

John spent all afternoon working at B.A.'s & then I met him over there around 7:00 for another bourbon tasting. Par for the course, John & B.A. had been 'tasting' all afternoon. I don't really like bourbon, which apparently didn't go unnoticed last time, so I was granted a light pour this time - thank god. Still, it was a lot of fun.

I've been off my knee for 2 weeks, so I decided to take it out for a test run yesterday with East Nasty. They were running a hilly course through Percy Warner, so I opted for the flatter Belle Meade Blvd course. I really only intended to run an easy 3 or 4 miles, but I ended up running the whole boulevard, which is 5.5 - 6 miles, because I was talking & not paying attention. Typical. If you've ever run with me, you shouldn't be surprised that I was talking so much that I accidentally ran twice as far as I meant to. Anyway, my knee hurt a little during the run. Not too bad, just tightness. I iced it & took an Aleve when I got home & it feels okay. It's a tad sore, but it's not swollen & it doesn't hurt. I may try & run again on Wed night. We'll see.

Last night we went to Georgetown Masters to watch The Grammy's because they mastered the big Lady Antebellum album that was nominated for everything. It was a lot of fun, especially since Lady A won so many times.

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