New Music Tuesday: Aaron Robinson

Aaron Robinson has released a new, 5-song EP titled A Dying Art. You may remember Aaron from his uber popular college band, Imaginary Baseball League. He's a fairly emotive, indie singer-songwriter. I've always liked his music & I think a lot of you will, too. He's had air play on Lightning 100 & WRVU, so locals have probably heard him on the radio, or seen him live belting out Counting Crows covers with My So Called Band.

A Dying Art is available for download here. For those not familiar with Bandcamp, it's a pay-what-you-like system. This project was funded out of pocket for Aaron with considerable help from his friends in the music industry, including one John Baldwin, so whatever you can pay is greatly appreciated.

On Feb. 13th, Aaron recorded an impromptu live performance & live-cast it on YouTube. You can see Aaron perform songs from A Dying Art, as well as other songs on Aaron's YouTube channel, rocknrollsinger. Here is the link to the first track, "Price Is Right":

You should buy A Dying Art. I promise you'll like it. Plus -- buy local, support your friends (or their husbands), support local musicians, blah blah blah....

Go forth & download!

Download the EP here in MP3, AAC & lossless formats:

Like Aaron Robinson on Facebook here. Follow him on Twitter here.

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