Living With the Sugar Devil

John quit smoking yesterday. I've known John for 7 years & in those 7 years, he has assuredly smoked more than any other person I know. I'm sure friends of John's can also attest to this. No one enjoys smoking as much as my husband.

I don't know exactly when he started smoking. He didn't start at 15 or 16, like a lot of people, but he's been smoking awhile. I think he started in college, so let's say 10-ish years. I've never smoked & in fact, I abhor it. When we started dating, we had ground rules like, you can't smoke while we eat & you can't smoke while I'm in the car, etc. Yeah, those lasted about 5 minutes.

From the day I met him, he told me he was going to quit smoking when he turned 30, so I somewhat turned a blind eye, or lung, as I knew one day it would come to an end. Sure, every now & then I asked my doctor to give me a chest x-ray, convinced I had second-hand-smoke-induced lung cancer, but who doesn't? Side note: the result of one of those chest x-rays was finding out I had GERD, so not all for naught.

Well, John turned 30 last month, and true to his word, he set about preparing to quit smoking. He went to the doctor, he bought a book, he told all of his friends - this was happening. But when? The doctor told him to pick a day & to stop smoking on that day. He wanted 'that day' to be his birthday, but alas, he had a studio session on the books at the end of January & needed his brain to work (his words) during the session. Understood.

So yesterday was the day. He did not smoke one cigarette yesterday. Although he did eat an entire batch of chocolate chips cookies, chewed 2 packs of gum, & drank a case of Mountain Dew Throwbacks. His mood wasn't as bad as I expected, but it wasn't awesome. It was like living with the sugar devil all day.

Not surprisingly, he was unable to go to bed last night & was still awake & going full throttle when I woke up at 6 o'clock this morning. He's finally asleep, but I can only imagine what kind of crazy nicotine-withdrawal, pre-diabetic dreams he's having. Apparently the first day is the hardest, so at least he's got that under his belt. We'll see how today goes. Of course, as he'll assuredly be asleep for the majority of today, he's already off to a good start.

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