James Murphy, Inter-Borough Man of Mystery

James Murphy is the man behind LCD Soundsystem. This is embarrassing to admit, but I get LCD Soundsystem & Interpol confused. I finally broke down & bought an Interpol album, Our Love To Admire, & was like, 'Okay, this is Interpol; I like this.'

When LCD Soundsystem's new album, This Is Happening, came out last year, Tiffany sent it to me because she, Isvett, & all of Brooklyn went crazy for it. Tiffany warned me that it would have to grow on me. She was right, I didn't like it at first & promptly forgot about it. Then I started hearing this song on KEXP that I liked & sure enough, it was LCD Soundsystem. So I gave the CD another shot. I still don't love the CD in it's entirety, but there are definitely songs on there that I like: "Dance Yrself Clean", "Drunk Girls", & "I Can Change".

So fast forward to a week or so ago & I hear James Murphy on Fresh Air. I know nothing about this guy & assume he's a thirty-something hipster with black hair, black eyeliner & tight, black jeans. His voice totally conveys this mental image. Then the other night I see him on The Colbert Report. He is so not at all what I envisioned. He's a 41 year old man with grey-ish hair & he was wearing a suit. I know!

This latest album is LCD Soundsystem's last as James Murphy is retiring. He wants to focus on running DFA Records & "making coffee...." Anyway, he's a really interesting guy & I highly recommend listening to the Fresh Air interview & trying out some of his music. He's had a lot of big hits since the band formed in 2002. Like myself, you may be pleasantly surprised. Report back!

Listen to the NPR Fresh Air interview here.

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James Murphy
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