Weekend Wrap Up

John was in the studio with How I Became The Bomb all weekend, so I was flying solo. You can see pics of his 4-day session here.

I got up early & did the Pancake Run with MK & Cara. Man, it's good to be back in the land of pancakes. That night, I watched The Town on DVD. I had no idea I was so attracted to Ben Affleck. Ladies, watch this movie, trust me. Ben, if you're reading (& why wouldn't you be?), call me. We can do push-ups together.

I got up early yet again & worked out with MK. We did 7am Spin followed by 8am Sculpt. Then I had to run home & get ready for a hair appointment. Post hair cut, I headed East to MHG's for January Book Swap, where I picked up two new books: The Hunger Games & Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going Home. I'll report back.

With both of our mens unaccounted for, Katie & I made plans to go on a lady date. We met at Woodlands Vegetarian Indian Cuisine for dinner & then went to see Blue Valentine. I really enjoyed the movie, but man, it's rough. I love Michelle Williams, but has she ever done a feel-good movie? I don't think she has. And Ryan Gosling. OMG. As MK would say, "H. O. T.!"

I got up & drove to Shelby Bottoms for my East Nasty half marathon training. Jessica & I ran 6 miles. Barely. Jessica's knee has been bothering her & honestly so has mine, so we took it easy, but we finished. Post run, we all went to Mitchell's Deli for brunch. God, I love their cheese grits so hard. It was so nice out, when I got back home I sat outside & read all afternoon (& chased Linda all over the neighborhood, but that's a story for another day).

Wanting more Michelle Williams, I watched Wendy & Lucy via Netflix Instant Streaming. Not a bad movie, but my god is it depressing. Michelle: please do a romantic comedy. Please!

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