Weekend Wrap Up

Friday morning we started our new running/breakfast route for 2011. The route was hard for me, I walked a lot of it & the breakfast kind of sucked. So not awesome. Friday night I watched more FNL, Season 4. I only have 2 or 3 episodes left & then I'm caught up, as Season 5 is the one currently airing on DirectTV. Hopefully I can figure out a way to watch it online.

I went to the free Lululemon yoga class at Yoga Sanctuary & then me, MK, MHG & Julie went to lunch at Whole Foods. I need to remember to eat there more often. Love, love, love their prepared food bars. That night we went to Korea House with Mike & Amanda. John & I ventured from our standard order of dolsot bibimbap & shared the kimchi fried rice & another kimchi/rice dish with pork belly. It was so good! The kimchi/pork belly dish may be my new standard.

I got up & drove to Shelby Bottoms for my 2nd East Nasty half marathon training session. It was so cold! I actually had frost on my shirt when I got into the car & apparently one of the guys had icicles in his beard! That's cold, people. But Jessica & I ran for 50 minutes & then we ran up Mount Nasty. Post-run, I made salted brown butter crispy treats, drove them out to Mike & Chrissi & hung out with them for awhile. Last night we met our friends Keith, Nicole, Aaron & Ashley at Las Maracas for Keith's birthday. Good times, good weekend.

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