Weekend Wrap Up: John Turns 30 Edition

I watched The Kids Are All Right. Annette Bening, OMG. I'm going to have a hard time now not thinking she's a lesbian. Great cast; great acting. Loved this movie!

I got up early & met MK & MHG at the Green Hills Y for 7am Spin & 8am Sculpt followed by breakfast & coffee at Whole Foods. The Spin class was a lot harder than what I'm used to & I'm wondering if maybe my body is used to the class I take every week at the Downtown Y & maybe I should change it up a little.....

Saturday night was John's 30th birthday party at our house. I think it's the most people we've ever had in our house. You know, typically with a party, you invite 100 people & 20-ish show up. Yeah, we totally had like 100 people in our house. It was insane, but it was awesome. All of John's friends came & he got a lot of ridiculous presents including a Bojangles gift card & a bag of squid jerky, which he promptly ate (of course he did).

Par for the course, the night ended with John ridiculously drunk, shout-singing downstairs while simultaneously playing the piano, the guitar & taking his shirt off. I'm starting to think we should build a stage & install a stripper's pole for the sole purpose of John's birthday parties. What can I say, the man is a performer. The last thing John said before he threw up & passed out at 3am was, "I feel like songs in D are going to keep me from getting sick." Bless him.

Party photostream here.

I slept through my Sunday morning half marathon training. It was a rough start, fo sho. I eased the pain with a piece of birthday cake & two cups of coffee. Spurred by caffeine & sugar, I cleaned the house. OMG, there was dried, spilled whiskey on every surface of our house. Even Linda was disgusted.

Feeling like I had burned some calories cleaning, I decided to turn the crock pot back on & finish off the rotel dip. I quickly slipped into a vegetative state & laid down on the couch. Luckily, the Roku remote was within reach, so I fired up the 'ole Netflix Instant Streaming & watched Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. OMG, I loved it (& coincidentally am now convinced I should have been a stand-up comedienne). Again, Sarah Allen, you were so right. I'm totally in your old lady fan club now.

Last night, still in what I slept in the night before & still on the couch, I begged John to get us Indian take-out for dinner. Yeah, because that's exactly what I needed after a day of not moving & eating nothing but birthday cake & rotel dip. So I wolfed that down, ate ANOTHER piece of birthday cake (of course I did) & went back to bed. At 9:00 pm. In related news, I probably developed diabetes (diabeetis) overnight.

Asian Rice & Vegetable Bowl

Wasabi Party Mix