Roasted Cauliflower Soup: FAIL

I've been really into making soup since I got an immersion blender for Christmas (thanks, Mom!). Tiffany emailed me one of her favorite recipes for roasted cauliflower soup. It had cheese in it, so I decided to make it. Here's a picture of what the soup is supposed to look like:

And here's what mine looks like:

One day John is going to go out for cigarettes & never come back based on this solitary fact: I refuse to read recipes in advance. I can't explain it. It's some bizarre quirk in my personality & it's completely contradictory to how I operate in EVERY OTHER aspect of my life.

So the first thing I missed in the recipe was that before making the soup, you have to roast the vegetables for 40 minutes. Oops. Whatever, it'll still be done before bedtime. Maybe... The second thing I missed is that I was supposed to 'roughly chop' the vegetables. Yeah, I totally finely chopped them. By finely chopping them, they basically instantly caught on fire in the oven, thus the non-white hue of my soup & the lingering smell in my house that's still here almost 24 hours later.....

The soup was awful (my fault, not the recipe's). It looked, smelled & tasted like gravy. Yeah sure, I like gravy, but not as a main course. John & I were laughing so hard, we could hardly eat it, which was a blessing honestly.

Oh well, c'est la vie. If I had a day job, I'd tell myself not to quit it.

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